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Are you ready or curious about growing cannabis on your own? Are you already growing and wanting to increase your game or knowledge? Are you interested in learning to make your own cannabis concoctions? Our posts are here to guide you through the process! Read the first 9 posts in chronological order to start your growth journey, and stay tuned for more to come!

Blog 11

Smokable Blends mixing cannabis with other herbs for a medicinally enhanced effect and stretching your stash Have you ever stopped to ponder if in the miracle of creation that other herbs besides cannabis were created that can be smoked and impart to it’s partaker joyful healing effects? My daughter’s college roommates told me about thisContinue reading “Blog 11”

#10 Insomnia and Cannabis

(probably the #1 reason people start to use Cannabis)  The American Sleep Association notes the human cost of insomnia is steep, with about 1,600 deaths and 40,000 injuries caused by drowsy driving each year. Additionally, a significant portion of the 100,000 hospital deaths caused by medical errors each year can be attributed to sleep deprivation. Continue reading “#10 Insomnia and Cannabis”

#8 – Uplifting, Healthful Cacao

Reading this title you may be saying to yourself, what the… healthful cacao!  The Mayans named it the food of the gods!  And I wholeheartedly agree.  Turns out cacao is good for your heart and mood. Cacao (Cocoa) should be the main ingredient in your chocolate bars. A lot of early research suggested that cacaoContinue reading “#8 – Uplifting, Healthful Cacao”

#7 – Phyto-cannabinoids

Sprinkled on this earth are many species of plants that have a phytocannabinoid system.  Every vertebrate has an endocannabinoid system(ECS). Your endocannabinoid receptors receive phytocannabinoids that are present in cannabis and several other plants.  Phyto- means plant- Endo- means within. You evolved to consume phtytocannabinoids.  Phytocannabinoids act like keys that fit the locks of yourContinue reading “#7 – Phyto-cannabinoids”

#6 – Strain Selection

Selecting Strains to grow- Did you know that cannabis comes in many strains?  Think of it like tomato varieties, all tomatoes are Solanum lycopersicum, with a variety to describe how the plant expresses itself such as; Brandywine, Beefsteak, Roma, Black Krim, etc… each great for a different application, such as for a salad, sandwich, sauce,Continue reading “#6 – Strain Selection”

#5 – Let’s Grow

Getting ready to grow can be very physical, I hope that everyone that has bodily limitations can find someone to help with this endeavor. To help prepare you physically and mentally for the job ahead, I will include our Daily Routine and fuel for the day recipe link here. Site Selection- When considering your siteContinue reading “#5 – Let’s Grow”

#4 – It’s all in the Seeds

 Have you ever considered the miracle of a germinating seed?  Everything the emerging plant needs to get a good start is stored in the seed coat.  Seeds are amazing. Although they might appear to be tiny lifeless objects, seeds are powerful living things just waiting for the right conditions to do their thing! Each seedContinue reading “#4 – It’s all in the Seeds”

#3 – Feminized Seeds vs. Regular Seeds

‘Back in the day’ the only way to grow weed with seeds was with ‘regular’  seeds, (which are seeds that can express either male, female or hermaphrodite).   Cannabis plants are dioecious, which is a term used in botany to describe a plant that can express either male, female or hermaphrodite (both). This was an evolutionaryContinue reading “#3 – Feminized Seeds vs. Regular Seeds”

#2 – Let It Rot

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “You Are What You Eat”, but have you ever considered that you are what you eat EATs? If that expression leaves you with more questions than answers, let me put it another way, if you eat conventionally grown plants or animals, with a lot of synthetic inputs, then youContinue reading “#2 – Let It Rot”

#1 – Introduction

Tara and I, Susan (Ragsdale-Cronins) are creating a merry interactive zoom platform (membership page) of weekly meetings with supporting blogs and how to-videos called Merry Jane Gardening Club.  Yes, this is a club to teach and support you in your quest to grow and make your own mindful cannabis and cannabis substitute medicine, but itContinue reading “#1 – Introduction”

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