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Growing cannabis and cannabis substitutes, then making medicine can be demanding enough when you’re a seasoned gardener and chemist. It is even more challenging when you’re not an experienced grower or lab nerd, we are here to assist you with your growing and medicine making journey!

  • End the Google search madness
  • We’ll provide information to grow and make medicine and steer you to the right resources
  • Manage your pain and mood with your own homegrown products

What’s Happening at the Merry Jane Gardening Club

Weekly Zoom Meetings
Starting Back Up- March 20,2022

We will meet weekly from 3pm-4pm PST. Starting back up March 20, 2022. Members support each individual’s quest to grow and make their own mindful cannabis and cannabis substitute medicines*. MJGC members receive a weekly Zoom link.

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Your source for:

  • conscious community
  • organic soil recipes
  • growing techniques-from seed to harvest
  • salve recipes
  • cannabis caps, edibles, tincture recipes
  • Plus, many other cannabis and cannabis substitute recipes!
How-To Videos

Sit back, relax, and see how it’s done with our community’s how-to videos. Curated to keep you up-to-date with the latest and most effective practices. You get step-by-step instructions for creating your own mindful medicine*.

Join an Online Zoom Meeting:

Merry Jane Gardening Club is holding online meetings to reach a world wide audience. You may be interested in joining us for support on how to grow or make your own cannabis and cannabis substitute recipes, to give support to others, or to simply join a community that is committed to each member and your right to holistic health and mindful moods. Whatever brings you, you’re sure to find our meetings a supportive, non-judgmental, fun and educational path to mastering growing and making your own cannabis and cannabis substitute concoctions!

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“We really have to turn against the selfishness of the individualism that sees everybody as a competitor of everybody else. When we see how destructive that is, and we turn against it, then we have our life’s work”.

– Wendell Berry

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Meet Tara and Susan!

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Tara and Susan Ragsdale-Cronin. We love to uplift and guide growers and mindful medicine makers. Through our collective years and experiences, we have discovered the power of community. We have also experienced the medicinal benefits of cannabis and cannabis substitutes. The Merry Jane Gardening Club combines the two to help you find a healthy and happy balance in life while building a community of open-minded and like-minded people.

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#13 – MacGyver Auto-Flower Late Fall Grow

A Tale Of Three Cities MacGyver Auto-Flower Grows of the Strains Gelato, Wedding Cake, Lemon Haze and Skittlez. All of these seedlings were started indoors and had the same conditions: heat mat, small overhead indoor lights, plastic bag and pond water. Captains: Robin, Susan and Samantha Captain’s Log, Stardate: 11821. We are boldly going whereContinue reading “#13 – MacGyver Auto-Flower Late Fall Grow”

#12 – Rewilding

REWILDING When I stick my finger in dirt I often feel like I connect to a universal energy that flows through all things. The earth/soil is alive with beneficial microorganisms that I encourage to support root health. It gives my cannabis and veggie plants a biologically alive medium to extract the plant’s needed vitamins andContinue reading “#12 – Rewilding”


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*Important Legal Information: THC Cannabis is legal to grow in many states, and under .3% THC Hemp is legal to grow in most states. It is the individual member’s responsibility to check your state for all laws pertaining to your personal grow. We will include resources of where to purchase .3% THC Hemp, which is a promising way to mitigate a host of issues which are caused from inflammation, such as anxiety, muscle aches and pains, PTSD, and more.

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