#12 – Rewilding

Let’s hold hands and come with me Into the Wild


When I stick my finger in dirt I often feel like I connect to a universal energy that flows through all things. The earth/soil is alive with beneficial microorganisms that I encourage to support root health. It gives my cannabis and veggie plants a biologically alive medium to extract the plant’s needed vitamins and minerals. I not only benefit from being in nature to collect foraged fertilizer materials, but my heart feels full knowing I’m providing the best for my plants so they can give their best to my family and friends, especially those that may need all of the healing that those plants can provide.

Becoming self-reliant builds not only your health, it also brings a sort of clarity to why you’re here in this world… you realize you are part of the whole. Foraging and gardening will give you the impetus to move your body, reflect on the bounty and beauty of nature and connect you to a larger community of beings; rocks, trees and creatures.

A great place to start might be my ‘Foraged Fertilizer‘ YouTube video- This recipe will give you a great start to becoming part of the holistic practice of foraging and gardening. When you use inputs found in nature, (Please get an ID book to identify your plant discoveries), the possibilities for creation become endless. A seed

planted in fertile soil, tended lovingly, is one of my life’s constant miracles. Cannabis, a seed as big as a peppercorn can grow into a 15′ tall plant in a few short months, giving us fishes for our sharing basket, we can spread this plant’s healing potential with the world. Check out our video on planting your seeds here. And before you say, “I don’t have room”, let me tell you about my daughter that lives in San Francisco; she successfully grew three plants on her fire escape this year and received over a pound of organic bud for her efforts. But if you truly can’t grow yourself, try to find someone to grow with. I predict that this activity will bring you much joy from this shared experience. There are so many nutritious uses for this plant. You can juice the male plants for a vitamin tonic, and be sure to check out our video on making Bhang, that drink is yummy stuff! And I understand there is a Bhang shop on every corner in India, they know what’s good!

When we connect with nature in a new way I predict that Jimmy Page’s lyrics from Stairway to Heaven will come true for all of us, ‘a new day will dawn and the forests will echo with laughter’ (this could be strain dependent of course!)

Happy rewilding!!!

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