How To Become A Member!

To attend zoom meetings and become a member the fee is only $10/month.


How to Pay

  • Once you sign up, you will be billed monthly by an independent bookkeeper and you will receive weekly emails with exclusive information pertaining to each weekly meeting.
  • Sign up today under the Zoom Membership tab.


  • You will receive a recording of each meeting if you’d like (make sure to sign up with your email for weekly notifications!)
  • The new zoom link will be sent out weekly.
  • Each member will have the opportunity to participate with interactive duties.
  • Make sure you purchase a planner that you can dedicate to this year’s grow and medicine making endeavors. We will have a Merry Jane Gardening Club planner available for purchase next year at our cost plus $1.00.
Weekly Agenda
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  • The following topics will be assigned to be led by a member.
    • Open meeting with an uplifting message (of your choice).
    • Check-in
      • 1 or 2 people take a couple minutes to describe ideas that worked/didn’t, type of pain, etc.
    • Strain of the Week
      • Show a sample and talk about the merits and liabilities.
    • A New Way for Delivery
      • vape(different types), bong, joint, pre-rolls, pipes, topicals, ingestion, caps, smoothies, etc.
    • Recipes Presentations
      • Share a recipe for brownies, chocolates of all types (such as truffles), smoothies, pesto, salves, tinctures
    • Activity
    • Final Check-In
      • Feedback about the meeting
      • Strategy for next week
      • Questions

Contact Us

58 Carlton Drive
Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940

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