Cannabis Infused Recipes

Cannabis Bath Salts Recipe

I’ll put next to the ingredients where I found each item- but Amazon probably has most of them

Must Have Ingredients:

Nice to Have Ingredients:

  • 1 CUP Baking Soda – Costco
  • 1/2 CUP Citric Acid – Amazon, needed for the fizz
  • 1/4 CUP Epsom salts – Costco
  • 1 CUP Cornstarch – Local Safeway
  • 1 TBSP CBD Isolate – Industrial Hemp Farms, this is a good item to have in your cupboard for so many uses, I like to buy at least 20 grams and have it available when I need it

Mix the ingredients above with a couple of forks and a whisk and crush any lumps.

Now ADD:

  • 1 TSP RS Oil – can be any cannabis oil concentrate, you can make it yourself or buy in a dispensary- about 1/2 syringe if you buy in a dispensary
  • 1 TSP CBD Oil – same as above: you can watch the making a tincture tutorial for instructions to make your own.

Mix all ingredients above in a high speed blender like a Ninja.

Next I like to add dry herbs-

A couple handful of herbs- I like to forage for lavender, nettle and rosemary, dry and crush for color and smell.

I add Calendula, Passionflower and Catnip- can be found at Frontier Herb Co

  • Pinch of Fulvic Acid – you can find dry capsules at Amazon, I would think a half of a cap will be all you need; this ingredient gives all the other ingredients a little turbo boost.
  • 1 TBSP Magnesium Oil – Amazon, for muscle aches and pains

Whisk all the ingredients above then transfer to a high speed blender and blend to the desired consistency.

I like to add dry roses, blue lotus, dry cannabis (Bruce Banner). This adds color, smell, and the valuable contributors of properties from each.

Blend all together- I like to make sure I don’t blend the herbs too much so I can see their individual colors and textures.

After it is all blended- add essential oils

I like:

  • Cajeput – for healing about 10 drops
  • Tangerine – for positive energy and smell about 5 drops
  • Lavender – for the calming and smell factor about 10 drops

Mix well with whisk

Place in containers- I use this one from Bulk Apothecary and they have a lid!

These make a great gift!!

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