#4 – It’s all in the Seeds

 Have you ever considered the miracle of a germinating seed?  Everything the emerging plant needs to get a good start is stored in the seed coat.  Seeds are amazing. Although they might appear to be tiny lifeless objects, seeds are powerful living things just waiting for the right conditions to do their thing! Each seedContinue reading “#4 – It’s all in the Seeds”

#3 – Feminized Seeds vs. Regular Seeds

‘Back in the day’ the only way to grow weed with seeds was with ‘regular’  seeds, (which are seeds that can express either male, female or hermaphrodite).   Cannabis plants are dioecious, which is a term used in botany to describe a plant that can express either male, female or hermaphrodite (both). This was an evolutionaryContinue reading “#3 – Feminized Seeds vs. Regular Seeds”

#1 – Introduction

Tara and I, Susan (Ragsdale-Cronins) are creating a merry interactive zoom platform (membership page) of weekly meetings with supporting blogs and how to-videos (which you can find here) called Merry Jane Gardening Club.  Yes, this is a club to teach and support you in your quest to grow and make your own mindful cannabis andContinue reading “#1 – Introduction”