#14 – Winter Auto-Flowers

A Tale of Two Cities

(our Bay Area Captain had to drop out because her whole family got Covid-and yes they were all vaccinated.)

Artwork by Samantha Barnes from her auto-flowers.

MacGyver Auto-Flower Grows of Strains Gelato, Wedding Cake, Lemon Haze and Skittlez.

All of these seedlings were started indoors and had the same conditions: heat mat, small overhead indoor lights, plastic bag cover and watered with pond water.

Captains: Susan and Samantha

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 112221. We are boldly going where a lot of MacGyver types have gone before… here are our stats for this week.

Susan- Central Coast- Greenhouse

Daytime Temp- 70-80’s deg F

Nighttime Temps- 40’s-50’s


All of the seedlings are growing well, there was a major growth spurt when a I added an extra layer of frost cloth around the bags. I’m also breaking down cardboard boxes and insulating the space between the bags and the greenhouse walls. Plants are growing well at this point and are about 6-8″ tall.

Susan’s Mac-Gyver Auto-Flower Grow- Stardate 112221.

Samantha-Southern Calif- Outdoors in Full Sun by day, bringing in under bathroom lights at night…. for a total of 18 hours of light per day.

Daytime Temp Avg- 84 deg F

Nighttime Temp- 57 deg F

Samantha had a warm stretch, 4 days in the low 90’s. Her daytime temp now is in the low to mid 70’s.

The temperature at night where she keeps her plants in her bathroom with the light on is in the high 70’s.


Samantha is giving light watering every other day with water and weak tea. During the hot stretch they got extra water.

Plant #1: 9″ tall

This plant was determined to be male. The plants were then separated. When she brought them in at night, she covered the male with a plastic bag with air holes. She noticed the plant using nutrients faster and gives it a splash of weak tea. She notes that the plants seem to miss each other in their separation.

Plant #2: 5″ tall

Determined to be female. Using nutrients quickly.

This is our report on Stardate: 112221. We will make another post next week.

Samantha’s Mac-Gyver Auto-Flowers

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