#13 – MacGyver Auto-Flower Late Fall Grow

A Tale Of Three Cities

Artwork by Samantha Barnes from her auto-flowers.

MacGyver Auto-Flower Grows of the Strains Gelato, Wedding Cake, Lemon Haze and Skittlez.

All of these seedlings were started indoors and had the same conditions: heat mat, small overhead indoor lights, plastic bag and pond water.

Captains: Robin, Susan and Samantha

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 11821. We are boldly going where a lot of MacGyver types have gone before… here are our stats so far.

Robin- Bay Area- Outdoor

Daytime Temps=65 deg F; Nighttime Temps=54 deg F

Humidity=about 50%

Robin used a variety of experimental planting setups: #1) some of the starts in pots outdoors with a tomato cage and plastic wrapped around with Christmas lights for Light and Heat/ Pots are in a sunny spot with newspaper on top of soil for heat retention. #2) Some in pots outdoors with a tomato cage and no extra lights. Newspaper on top of soil and placed in a sunny spot.

#3) A couple pots outdoors with no extra light. The seedlings are under plastic bottle greenhouses. Newspaper on top of soil, and placed in a sunny spot.

#4) A couple seedlings planted into pots, on a medium sunny porch with a plastic bag over the top and little grow lights.

Soil- Home Depot Organic Soil, aged horse manure, home made worm casings.

Plant height- 1 3/4″

Susan- Central Coast- Greenhouse

Daytime Temp= 80 deg F;

Nighttime Temp=50 deg F

Humidity= 75%

All of the seedlings were planted in gopher baskets, in 200 gal fabric pots, with tomato cages wrapped in plastic and frost cloth, shop lights on for 12 hours of total light between natural light and artificial light.

Soil- Susan layered hot manure, wood chips, shredded paper, then topped with homemade compost.

Plant height= 3″

Samantha- Southern Calif- Outdoor in full sun, bringing in under bathroom lights at night… for 12 hours total light per day

Daytime Temp=79 deg F; Nighttime Bathroom Temp=70 deg F. (this is a five day average)


Soil=Kellogg’s Organic Raised Bed Potting Soil mixed with a bit of native clay

Plant height=plant #1)- 6″. plant #2) bushy 4″

This is our report on Stardate: 11821, We will make another log on Stardate: 111521

Let’s see what happens!

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