#1 – Introduction

Tara and I, Susan (Ragsdale-Cronins) are creating a merry interactive zoom platform (membership page) of weekly meetings with supporting blogs and how to-videos (which you can find here) called Merry Jane Gardening Club. 

Yes, this is a club to teach and support you in your quest to grow and make your own mindful cannabis and cannabis substitute medicine, but it is also a platform to create a community of people committed (and for us and the other members to learn from each other) to our mutual well being through the pillars of community, exercise, diet, meditation cannabis and cannabis substitutes.  Cannabis and cannabis substitutes are not a panacea, but a portal to lowered inflammation, restful sleep and reduced chronic pain to assist you in your journey to effortless joy, giving you the energy to live life to your fullest. We will be giving growing and concocting tips on cannabis and cannabis substitute medicine. Whether that be from smoking, ingesting, bathing, etc, as well as tips we’ve adopted along our own journeys, on how to start each day so that it unfolds to it’s greatest potential…. we will include a suggested morning routine in post #9 (link).

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I, (Susan), knew that I’d be a plant person from the age of six. My mom sent me outside to plant some potatoes. As my finger connected to the soil I saw a van drive by that said House-calls by a local doctor group. My finger connecting to the soil was like a divine lightning rod, and in that exact moment I knew that I would drive a van and go to people’s houses and take care of their plants, I would be a plant doctor. A degree in Ornamental Horticulture led to a flower shop which led to an Interior Plant Business and somewhere in that time I realized that I was doing what I was meant to do. My six year old mind didn’t know about these possibilities, but when I look back they unfolded almost magically. I’m not saying that there weren’t hiccups and bruises along the way, but it was pretty much a straight path.

I sold my business to internationally adopt children with my husband. They were our struggling little flowers waiting for the right conditions to thrive, and with a lot of inputs -they are. About the time my youngest was hitting middle school my mom was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. For a lifetime plant person, I’m almost embarrassed to say that this was my entry into the cannabis world. I wanted to make her pain medicine that wouldn’t make her loopy or constipate her like opiates. I taught myself everything with the help of the wizardry of the internet. And I was successful!

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She was pain free, cognizant and moving her bowels regularly. This experience led to making products for dispensaries. Through it all I received much feedback that really cemented the vision I had when I was six. I was a plant doctor using the healing abilities of plants to help people. In California, the laws changed and I could no longer sell to dispensaries without expensive permits (when I say expensive I’m talking hundreds of thousands). I started making cannabis substitute tinctures and salves to sell in gyms, but I found that most people were unwilling to pay cannabis prices for cannabis substitutes. That’s when I decided that I wanted to empower people to grow and make their own medicine by providing instructions and recipes for free. When someone shares their successes and failures with me, I feel so blessed and connected to them in a mystical way.

I’m so excited to start this adventure with any and all that find their way to our platform… thanks so much for accompanying us on this path.

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